Quarantine Schooling was NOT Homeschooling

Dess Ri
3 min readMay 13, 2022


Were you one of the many families forced to keep their children home during the Covid-19 lockdowns? It wasn’t something most were prepared for. Though schools began sending home packets of work, using online classes, and giving directions on how learning should continue, most parents & children faced a lot of stress.

Families found themselves struggling to keep up with the work, with kids who were distractable & unwilling, and confused by expectations that weren’t well communicated.

Desiring to support their children’s learning, parents went through a lot trying to force themselves & their children to fit into the new normal.

Unfortunately, some families now equate this method of schooling at home with homeschooling.

A bored child stares at a laptop screen.

While it’s easy to make the association, forced school at home is not the same as homeschooling.

Homeschool families have made a conscious decision to take on the education of their children. They have their own rhythms and daily setup. They inform themselves of applicable laws & regulations. They prepare financially to meet the goals they set for themselves. They aren’t bound to the district calendar, approved worksheets, or a teacher’s schedule.

Quarantine schooling was nothing like homeschooling. Families were thrown for a loop when schools began closing their doors. Between losing regular childcare and many adults losing their jobs, it was a time of fear and confusion. When schools started sending work to students and doing online classes, it was with sloppy rollout & poor communication.

It’s been said by some, as they look back on those days, that they feel they failed at homeschooling, when the truth is they weren’t homeschooling at all.

It was not a failure of parents when a child didn’t do well with school at home.

Neither was it the fault of the children.

The situation was abnormal and scary. Adults were afraid of even stepping outside and that fear was passed onto the children. No one was in a healthy state of mind. Families were literally not allowed to do basic things like visit to the park or go the grocery store together. It was an isolating time & that greatly influenced how families handled schooling.

If quarantine schooling was a source of stress for your family, please try to separate that from the reality of homeschooling. They‘re two very different approaches to the education of a child.

Quarantine schooling was taxing, directed by third-parties, and done in isolation.

Homeschooling fits the family, is flexible, and has a massive community for support.

Homeschool, done in a way that meets your family’s needs, is a wonderful way to keep your family connected. Learning can be fun and low-stress. For many parents, watching their children explore their passions and ‘doing life’ together can’t be beat!

Remember, pandemic schooling was nothing like homeschooling.

If you were a parent forced to bring your kids home due to Covid-19, you did not fail them. You did not fail at homeschooling. Your children did not fail in any way.

Everyone was doing the best they could during a tough situation.



Dess Ri

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